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My Story....or is that "Our story?"


There were times when I did no exercise and every day I ate convenience foods but no veg, ate chocolate and ice creams. 

What happened. I put on nearly 2 stone and was always tired, ill and disinterested. I even developed allergies. Sound familiar?

Well after 30 years in the hotel industry in management, working long unsocialable hours with my life on hold, I finally woke up................ and did something about it!


Let me help you, do the same. Isn't it time you started to live not just exist?!

Am I qualified to help?


Low Back care specialist          Level 4

Sports Nutrition                        Diploma

Personal Trainer                        Level 3

Pre & Post Natal                        Level 3 

Exercise referral                        Level 3

Mobility & Posture correction  Cert (USA).


What have you got to lose? No the question is "What have you got to gain?"And you already know the answer - Your life back!    
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