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I have been training with Grant for about 18 months and I really do wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend him to anybody thinking about working with a personal trainer; he is a consummate professional with extensive knowledge of all aspects of training and fitness and his dedication to his craft and his clients is second to none.

Grant and I work together three times a week and the time we spend together is productive and also enormous fun; we work very hard but always manage to share an anecdote or two and make each other laugh which is really important in a challenging session.  We have built up an excellent relationship and he knows me very well; this means that he knows exactly how best to motivate me and he pushes, encourages and praises at just the right times!  He has a rigorous focus on technique and ensures that every exercise is carried out correctly in every detail which means that training is both safe and effective.  

Since working with Grant I have achieved a level of strength and fitness that I would not have believed possible and it feels wonderful.  My posture is much improved and I am more aware of my body and how I look and feel.  My stamina is greater and the benefits carry through into my everyday life in so many ways.  I really enjoy working with him and it truly does feel like a partnership as he enjoys my successes as much as I do.  As I said at the start, if you are thinking about working with a personal trainer then think no longer – just contact Grant and I promise that it will be the start of a positive and productive relationship.

Jane Moss-Blundell

Jane Moss-Blundell

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

I first started working with Grant last summer after requiring physio for an injury stemming from a congenital orthopaedic problem. I had always maintained a reasonably good level of fitness prior to this, running and regularly practicing yoga, but this had been curtailed for some time. 

I was quite anxious about transitioning to training as I was still carrying quite a lot of discomfort and had concerns about being pushed beyond what was appropriate. I don't know why I worried! Grant made contact with my physio to ensure that my PT programme was complementary to what she had been doing and would continue my recovery - it felt like real team work!

Since then I have trained with Grant at least weekly gradually increasing the intensity and giving me the confidence to now work out in the gym on my own as well. He knows when I need to take things back a little to correct any issues, but pushes me when he knows I can take it - he's a great motivator (& knows that I respond well to a bit of gentle teasing and competition!) His knowledge of physiology and the accessible way that he explains the benefits I should derive from the exercises he adds to my programme give me reassurance that we are heading in the right direction

Grant has a very professional attitude to what he does but this doesn't stop our sessions being great fun - it always brightens my day to spend time in the gym with him and his encouragement has been fantastic.

I feel fitter, more motivated and have considerably more energy since starting to train regularly and I have seen a positive impact on all aspects of my life as a consequence.

I have no hesitation in recommending Grant to anyone looking for a personal trainer, for whatever reason, remedial or fitness

Lesley Bottomley

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

I’ve known Grant for a number of years and I am also aware of his substantial background in customer service. This experience is so evident when you are training with him as he has a very relaxed, gentle, respectful and good humoured manner. Grant very quickly judges what frame of mind you are in and he pushes you accordingly. Every session is a positive and beneficial workout.

I’m 53 and I have been relatively fit and active all my life. I participate in a number of sports, however, my knees are quite prone to injury. Also, as I get older, I find the motivation to train and maintaining fitness increasingly more difficult. 

Grant has provided me with a number of different programmes that address overall fitness and muscle strength. No matter what kind of day I am having, I’m always able to utilise one of these programmes, which makes training much more varied, enjoyable and ultimately more effective. 

I’ve trained with Grant for 12 months now and my overall body strength and general motivation has never been better. I highly recommend Grant Lowe as a personal trainer.

David Bown

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

'After having my two children and realising that I wanted to be able to keep up with two growing boys whilst not getting any younger, I decided to get fit. I had never really done any form of regular exercise but  I had tried running and joining a gym in the past but neither had been successful. I'd seen a "piece" on "Grant & Life Balance Fitnesss"  in the local paper. From the outset I knew I could get on with him. He is professional without being at all pushy or aggressive. He took time to check my fitness levels and quickly identified some postural issues which will have been contributing to my back pain. We have worked together to improve all of this. I cannot stress enough how much I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy my sessions and I never thought I would hear myself say so.

Jo Thirsk

Harrogate, North Yorkshire


I am a 60 year old female who has played sport and exercised regularly all my life. I have been a member of a gym for more than 25 years taking up the services of a personal trainer some six years ago.

When my first trainer (who was female) moved away earlier this year I looked for a new trainer. I had seen Grant working with clients in the gym and was impressed by his attention and sensitivity to his client’s needs. 

I started working with Grant two months ago.  My major aim with training is to maintain a good overall level of fitness that I have found helps with issues I have with my back going out of line and gives a great sense of well being. It also supports my interests in hiking, cycling and Skiing. 

I have found Grant to be an excellent trainer who challenges my body to a good level.  He is very particular about technique and makes sure I am properly balanced and positioned for each exercise. If something appears not to be working properly he identifies it and suggests an appropriate course of action to put it right. Grant is very professional in his approach at the same time as being friendly. We usually have a laugh about something in each session. For women I think the prospect of engaging a male personal trainer could be a little intimidating however this is definitely not the case with Grant. 


Maggie Wood

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

I have been training with Grant for the last six months and have noticed a positive difference in my stamina and physique. Grant took a great deal of time in understanding my goals, body weaknesses and aspirations. Through this fact finding, he was able to tailor make a programme which has provided me with incredible results and really enjoyable sessions. The 1:1 sessions and follow up texts keep me motivated and allow me to keep on top of my training whilst fitting around a very busy and challenging professional life. I would recommend Grant to anyone looking to increase fitness, improve body shape or even just develop better health and a good work / life balance.

Antonia Wright-Martin

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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