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What You Want

~ To feel good about yourself or need a new challenge?

~ To drop a size but not have to reduce your calories?

~ To be Pain free and be able to have an active life?

~ To get that six pack or "toned" body?

~ To stay fit during or after your pregnancy?

~ To improve your golf and get some golf fitness?

~ Someone to motivate you or just help you achieve a better lifebalance both mentally and physically?

~ To learn the basics about nutrition, understand what you are eating and why you are not getting any slimmer or even, why you are getting fatter?


  1. Fat loss

  2. Low back care and mobility exercises

  3. Body conditioning

  4. Exercise nutrition

  5. Specific event preparation

  6. Muscle strength

  7. Lean in 12 weeks

  8. Mass in 12 weeks

  9. Muscle endurance


'I want to help you become fit, stay healthy and be happy.'